duminică, 6 decembrie 2009

It's time to not be nice!

In the classic 1989 film, Roadhouse, Swayze plays the role of James Dalton, head bouncer at the Double Deuce Club. Dalton is armed with a PhD in philosophy from New York University and his three rules of bouncing:
  • Never underestimate your opponent
  • Take it outside
  • Be nice...until it's time to not be nice

From now on MY WAY it will be about ME and MY LIFE, MY FAMILY and MY friends, MY business and MY hobbies......ME and all that I love!
Politics and everything connected to it ... I leave it to the highway ... NO MORE POLITICS....the taste is too bitter....and I don't drink coffee!
Steagul de pe catarg si lacrimile patriotice ... i le las lui Base ... si celor ce traiesc bine in Italia, Spania, SUA ... despre cei din Republica Moldova ... numai di ghini!

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